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Sunday, March 14 2010
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[ 17.07.2008 г.]
Описание: Вносит КУЧУ изменений в игру, подробнее в самом архиве. Кратко:
- Improved max direct fire range from 30 to 45 tiles.
* Improved the survivability of infantry inside buildings.
- Doubled the time necessary for un cannon or mechanised unit to entrench itself.
- Raised the time a destroyed unit stays on map before disappearing.
- Improved the mine search radius for sappers.
* Modified the "Follow" command parameters so units follow another from closer up (Units should much less slow down). -
Improved visual range for binoculars from 50 to 60 tiles.
* Raised smokeshell effect duration so it visually matches their actual effect on LOS.
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